Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photo update of the past year

Sadly, almost a year has passed since my last post. Ironically (or not), it's been about a year since we started planning our new home! What a year it has been! Now we're moved in, unpacked, and back to normal... in a nicer, more homey place.

Here's what we've been up to over the past year.

Like I said, we built a house:

We got to see the progress from the very beginning

Ahh... love it! (You should see the kitchen!)

And an aquarium to go in it:

90 gallon saltwater aquarium. The reef part is still in progress.

Behind the scenes of the aquarium

We vacationed... to the beach... and the mountains:

We can't just lounge at the beach...

Or catch normal, small fishies

Thanks for the photo, Jessica!

Photo by Tracy Anderson

Photo by Tracy Anderson
My mom turned 50 years young, so my sisters and I threw her a surprise birthday party. Her BFF flew in from Waco, TX, and I dabbled in the cake making business:

 I joined Pinterest. Best mistake of my life!

And used new kitchen and sewing/craft rooms to their fullest potential:

Baby girl travel play mat and changing pad with storage pockets
Tutorial by 

Baby boy mat for my nephew

See how nicely the mats fold up for travel?

Learned to make bias tape

Diaper cake

Fanned diaper cake... waayy easier than the traditional way.

Romper and matching onsie for the neice and nephew
Tutorial by Makeit-Loveit

Baby girl tutu for a friend

Baby girl pinafore for a co-worker's little one
Adapted from Smashedpeasandcarrots's little girl crossover pinafore

It's reversible!
So there's a tidbit of an update. Hopefully I'll be posting more tutorial links as I find more time to sew and bake! Until then, follow me on Pinterest for some adorable (or yummy!) tutorial links!