Saturday, August 27, 2011

The cause of my cupcake obsession...

It's this cupcake that sparked my now-full-blown-obsession with baking cupcakes and cake pops. The cupcake even tickled the part of my brain that likes sewing. In the past two weeks, I've bought cupake tins, a carrier, new food coloring, a sewing machine, fabric, ribbons, etc.!

My cupcake isn't as beautiful as the one at the incredible Tidymom's blog, but I'm learning! I can't imagine that hers was much more delicious than mine! You can check out all the ingredients and instructions at Tidymom's blog. I will only add that coring cupcakes is much easier than I expected-- I just used a sharp paring knife. And cream of tarter is your friend if you're trying to get your whipping cream fluffy!

Here are some pictures of my Chocolate cupcake filled with strawberry whipped cream topped with chocolate cream cheese frosting. I made these for a friend's baby shower. The frosting was a bit stiff since I had refrigerated it overnight, so the cupcakes ended up looking like they were topped with a pile of poop. Appropriate, I guess, since baby-to-be will be doing lots of that. Note to self: let the frosting get to room temp before decorating.

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