Sunday, September 25, 2011

How behind am I?!

I've baked bacon and chocolate chip muffins, pillow cookies, cake pops, and pie pops since my last blog! 

But baking isn't the talk of the night! My biggest news since, well, ever... I passed the CPA exam!! And to reward myself for the accomplishment, I purchased a brand new, computerized Brother sewing machine!

I cannot wait to use it. I already read the Kate Haxell sewing guide that I picked up at Michael's. There were quite a few "Ah ha!" and "So that's how you do that!" moments as I was reading. I also bought Emma Hardy's pattern book of adorable (hopefully fairly basic) kid's clothes. Of course, now the huge dilemma is what to sew first! 

I'm sure I'll be unboxing the machine tomorrow after a trip to Hancock Fabrics for a soft material I've yet to find at Hobby Lobby. Stay tuned for successful projects! (Hopefully) And feel free to share patterns you've already tested and approved!

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