Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin patch cake pops

This week I made pumpkin cake pops for a co-worker for her two-year-old's pumpkin patch birthday party. In the end, they were adorable, but they caused more problems than any cake pop I've ever made.

I'm not sure if it was the brand of candy melts (I will never use Wilton again) or all the food coloring I had to add to get to bright orange or the freezer method or a combination of all those. I dipped all 45 cake pops, and they were so cute! And then one by one, each one cracked and fell off the stick! I mean, I've had a couple crack before, but not every single one!

So for round two, I used Make n Mold chocolate, which seemed a little thinner (I've heard Merckens is the best.), and I didn't freeze my shaped pops. I refrigerated the pops and made sure my melted chocolate was slightly cooled before dipping. The second batch of pumpkin pops turned out wonderfully!

Since the cake pops were party favors, I wrapped each indivdually.
Isn't that a precious kids party idea?!

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